Thursday, March 22, 2018

Temporarily closed - Made to measure dressmaking service

please take note that our made to measure dressmaking service is temporarily closed.

we will complete current orders but we will not be taking any new orders until further notice.

in the mean time, our classes and patternmaking services are business as usual.

watch this space as we will be announcing our annual promotion soon.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

SD101 (basics to sewing and dressmaking)

We are pleased to announce that the slots for SD101 (basics to sewing and dressmaking) is available NOW, at the Studio in Puchong at the following hours:-

Time: 3:30pm  to 5:30pm

Venue: Puchong

(there will be no classes held on Wednesdays,  EXCEPT during school holidays)

SD101 (basics to sewing and dressmaking)

Fee: RM80.00 

Duration: 2 hours

Recommended for Skill Level 1 and below.  Opened to those interested to find out more about the muller and sohn patternmaking system)

Topics covered include:
- introduction to the pattern drafting system used by thesewingroomdiva (all our patterns are drafted based on the muller and sohn patternmaking system)
- recommended tools for patternmaking and dressmaking
- preview of actual patterns of available designs
- preview of actual toile of available design
- how to take body measurements (based on to the muller and sohn patternmaking system)

Please email us at, to book your slot for SD101 (basics to sewing and dressmaking).

Monday, July 17, 2017

listen, listen, an interview: Self-Taught Designer Lucy Bea

thesewingroomdiva is a self-taught maker designer.  

we found this video on a YouTube channel of Zoe Hong  and we are truly inspired.  and i can relate to everything they said about themselves.  and zoe hong is so hilarious. 

what do you think?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

good news, additional venues for the classes is on the way

yes, that is correct.

we are working on a few opportunities to collaborate with a number of studios to house our patternmaking and garment construction classes.

we are trying to accommodate requests to bring the classes to kuala lumpur and
to venues that offer more convenience to mothers with small children.

watch this space :)

Saturday, May 13, 2017

module 3, SD101, Basics Sewing and Dressmaking, @Bukit Antarabangsa, 12may2017

we had so much fun.  me and the lovely ladies who are enthusiastic about learning how to make their own clothes and feel great wearing them.  these are the ladies who signed up for our 26-hours-class-session during the april promotion.  and had great savings on the fees.

i wore my A-line Loop Jacket and they were openly admiring how it fit me and how it made me look slim for my weight.  of course, i could not have been happier.

we started the session, with me sharing with them my favourite tools for patternmaking.  about 40 minutes later, i showed them a few patterns that i have drafted, progressing from the basic block to the actual pattern for the design.  after that, we proceed with samples of my very own toile making.  and they were able to see how the flat pattern turned into a garment that fit a three dimensional shape of a person.

last but not least, i showed them how to take the body measurements.  and they squealed with laughter at each others funny comments.

at the end of the session, we believe that they are able to see that we are offering them a solution to their current woes, ie not being able to find garments that fit them well, be it ready to wear or made to measure.

and the very next day they were off shopping for tools that we have recommended because they too want their patternmaking and garment making adventure, an experience that is a joy to embark and the garment (that they make) a pleasure to wear.

love being with your ladies.  see you in next class , next week :)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

the april promotion has ended....

yes,  the promotion has ended.

but don't worry.  we will have it yearly along with our wedding anniversary.

we would like to thank you, our wonderful customers, who have joint in the celebration.  we were elated by the overwhelming response and we are so happy that we can offer the savings to you, our wonderful customers, who support us even thought we are still a new player in this arena.

thank you again and we look forward to having a fruitful and long term relationship with you.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

the anna 6-panel long skirt SK001-1

we love making this skirt. it is a long skirt with 6 panels.  it gently skims the hips and flares as it is about to hit the knees.

instead of a waist band, we have applied facings that is lightly interfaced.  so that it hugs the waist and the upper hip comfortably.  not too snug, not too loose.  and we use the lapped zipper installation.  it is our​ favourite zipper installation method.

front view

side view

front of the waist

back of the waist and the zipper closure

interested to learn to make this skirt for yourselves or for your loved ones.  watch this space.  a class (SK001 and SK001-1) on this skirt is coming your way soon.

module 1, phase 2, dr002, Studio-One @Puchong, 25april2017

during this class nadia and rose, made the necessary adjustments to their basic dress block.  both nadia and rose need to shorten the back waist length while rose needs to shorten her front waist length before they can proceed to draft the basic sleeve block for their individual pattern.

it was intense with  multiple parameters to juggle in order to make the adjustments.  ha ha...berasap ya nadia.  but i know she enjoys the challenge.  and i learned a few thing from her too.  with rose, we ended up with mathematical equations such as x=y+1...because narrative was too wordy.....ha ha.  it was fun.

photo courtesy of @jahitbynadia

photo courtesy of @jahitbynadia

apparently, they need more time to tackle the adjustments.  and that is ok.  they are booking another additional 2 hours on module 1 phase 2, dr002 next week.